New iPhone Software 3.0 features (4 you’ve never heard of)

There’s some great new features coming to the iPhone when Software 3.0 is released. Although individually these are minor changes, they add up to a much better experience.

Adjustable scrubbing speed for podcasts
Scrubbing gets more precise the further you slide your finger down the screen.
Adjustable scrubbing speed for podcasts - iPhone Software 3.0 

Variable playback speed
Playback speeds available are 1/2x, 1x or 2x. There’s also a new ‘skip back 30 seconds’ button in the middle.
Variable playback speed in Software 3.0

More Passcode Lock options
Extended lock times in iPhone software 2.0

Delete or Forward SMS messages
This will likely also apply to MMS when it arrives)
 Delete SMS in iPhone 3.0

Double-click home button options
Two new options here, Search and Camera. Really handy for capturing that quick shot, which has been a real problem with the iPhone.
iPhone 3.0 double click home button options

Phone-wide search
Access this by swiping to the left, or press the Home button when your on the first Home Screen. This searches Applications, Mail, Messages, Notes etc. Very quick access to content no matter where it’s located.
Phone-wide search

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