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While Steve Jobs spent a considerable amount of this morning’s press conference talking iLife 11, the most interesting addition is the new MacBook Air. Now available in 11 and 13” versions, there’s been some questions raised about the validity of continuing to carry around the extra weight of a MacBook Pro.
MG Siegler of TechCrunch has a great run comparison after a day of use with the new Air. His thoughts and discussion are particularly insightful and well worth a read. Personally I have a Early 2009 Aluminium Macbook and an iPad, so I can definitely relate to his summaries. So question is, when it comes to update.. is a Macbook Air a realistic option  ?

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In Australia the price for the 11-inch MacBook Air is A$1,199 / A$1,449 or A$1,599 / A$1,949. The MacBook Air in all variety has one key selling point.. lightness. For that lightness you are most certainly paying a premium and cop a speed hit. Despite Apple still shipping Core 2 processors in all 13-inch models, rather than the newer i3, i5 or i7 chips, for most people’s needs, Core 2 is fine. In the latest revision Apple have worked some battery magic to strangle 7 hours out of the uber-thin shell. If your budget can stretch I’d suggest the 13-inch model, given it has the higher resolution 1440×900 up from the 1280×800 of the 11-inch. Also the 13-inch version has an SD slot and basically $1200 for a netbook sized computer is a pretty difficult sell.

So will you continue to cart around a laptop or can you stretch the budget and finally go ultra-mobile ?

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