New Optus plans actually look pretty good

    Alongside their re-branding, Optus has launched a new range of mobile plans that actually look like their helping the consumers. The idea of these plans is to try and eliminate the bill shock that can happen if you go over your plans limit.

    From July 1, the Optus My Plan will automatically move customers up to the next plan level if they exceed either their data or voice caps – rather than adding excess charges which often adds up to hundreds of extra dollars on bills.

    Once the cycle is done, they get put back to their normal plan – simple.

    So for example, you have 1GB of data in your plan and you go over that, rather than what can often be hundreds of dollars in excess charges for only a few hundred mb’s, you will just get charged an extra $10 automatically and get another 1GB of data to use.

    Another new features of the plans is the move to minute-by-minute billing, instead of dollar value billing which could get very confusing for customers.

    “How often have you been sitting around the table and heard a friend or family member complain about a huge and confusing phone bill?” Vicki Brady, managing director, customer at Optus, said.

    “Consumers often feel there are hidden traps in mobile plans and they don’t always have the flexibility to use their phones as they wish.

    “So we are delivering Optus My Plan, genuinely new plans that offer actual fairness, flexibility and transparency.”

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