New quad-core Sandy Bridge iMacs arrive, Thunderbolt on-board

iMac update May 2011

Apple have just updated their store with their usual PR building ‘back soon’ message. Once the were back up, the new Thunderbolt iconiMac’s were confirmed. Many had suggested the updates were due and after being added to Macbook Pro’s, it was always hard to see a scenario where Thunderbolt would be left out. This refresh does indeed include the new lightning fast Thunderbolt connector, in fact the 21.5” model has one, while its 27” big brother comes with two.

The performance got a boost as well, now included is a Core i5 or i7 quad-core Sandy Bridge Intel processor. Graphics also get a boost with new AMD Radeon HD GPU’s offering up to 3x the graphics performance. Continuing with the speed improvements don’t have to stop there, the iMac’s can be specked with a 256GB Solid State Drive. Just make sure you have plenty of space on that credit card.


What is surprising is the lack of USB 3.0 on the updated iMac. This is the second Apple product refresh to use the aging USB2.0 rather than the future looking USB3.0 connectors. Its clear from this decision that Apple is focused on Thunderbolt and are only providing USB ports at all for compatibility. Expect these to disappear in the next revision.

There’s also an upgraded webcam built-in to allow Facetime HD in 720p full screen video.

The new iMac’s start at A$1,399 up to A$2,299 for the 3.1Ghz model. Apparently Apple hasn’t heard or chooses to ignore the strong Aussie dollar actually being almost 10% higher than the US. US models range from US$1,199 to US1,999. While it might sound like a broken record, I think its important we continually highlight any company that rips off Australian consumers.

More info @ Apple

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