NewHouse release 2 adds ARM support

    NewHouse on ARM

    NewHouse is the Windows 8 app to track your decisions as you build a new home. Initially when I published it, there was a bug preventing ARM support from working correctly, so instead release 1 supported only x86 of x64 processors.

    Great news this morning, release 2 of NewHouse has been approved and adds one killer feature, ARM support. While there’s small bug fixes for the 32/64-bit versions, the primary focus in this release was bringing support for tablets like Microsoft Surface that use the ARM processor.

    You can now take your Surface in-store with you and use the in-built camera to snap photos of the products you want to include in your home. Simply add a name for the item, an optional description and price and your item is added to the selected room.

    So for those that requested it, I’m very glad to say, NewHouse is now available on ARM.

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