Next Level Racing teases new flight sim in a partnership with The Boeing Company

    Next Level Racing is teaming up with the world’s largest aerospace company, Boeing. In 2021, Next Level Racing and Boeing will launch co-branded cockpits for flight sim enthusiasts, bringing the Boeing brand to fans around the world. 

    While we don’t know a lot of details about the new sims, NLR has teased the release with a new image. This picture reveals a matt-black aluminum chassis that appears to be substantial in it’s structure and rigidity. These characteristics are key in providing simulators that are able to hold an array of bolt-on equipment like pedals, throttles, yokes and more.

    If we look closely in the lower right of the image, we see a blue seatbelt, setting it apart from the traditional red on Next Level Racing driving simulators. There’s also the distinctive Boeing logo on the side panel, letting everyone know you mean business if you have this in your home or business.

    There’s no sign of a motion platform underneath, although that’s not out of the question, with the company launching both the motion platform V3 and traction plus platform in recent years.

    If you’re into titles like Microsoft Flight Simulator, or are seriously considering a career in aviation, then make sure you’re on the lookout for new co-branded Next Level Racing Boeing edition flight cockpits, as they are expected to hit the market in Q3 2021.

    Next Level Racing says the virtual flight enthusiast community can look forward to unparalleled immersion from industry-leading design and engineering.

    “We are excited and proud of our new global collaboration with Boeing. Our Research and Development Team have been working on a flight cockpit in the background for some years and now combined with Boeing’s incredible experience in this space, we look forward to introducing exciting new products for the flight sim market.”

    Kam Khadem, Head of Brand and Strategic Growth for Next Level Racing

    “It is important for us to engage with companies that share the same commitment to excellence and innovation as Boeing. At the onset of this project, we discussed our desire to be more than just another logo on a product.

    We worked closely with the Next Level Racing team to share aspects of our commercial and military flight decks that would translate to a consumer product and we couldn’t be happier with the results.”

    Carlton Wilkerson, Consumer Product Licensing for Boeing

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    Jason Cartwright
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