Next Xbox to come in November for $299, will run on ‘core’ Windows 8


Yesterday Microsoft announced that it will be officially revealing its next gen Xbox on May 22 and streaming it  world-wide. But today WindowsITPro reports that Microsoft will be releasing the new console in November and be running on ‘core’ Windows 8.

The report says that Microsoft’s next console will be launched in Early November with two pricing models. The first starts at $299USD which requires a two-year Xbox LIVE Gold committment which will cost you $10USD a month or if you have commitment problems, $499USD for the standalone version.

The full details will be revealed on the eve of E3 in early June 2013, including the lineup of games for the new platform.

The console will reportedly be running on the ‘core’ version of Windows which suggests that it could share a common app platform that is used by Windows 8. A Blu-ray player will be included and the Xbox will include the dreaded “always on” feature.

Microsoft will apparently also be releasing a third-generation Xbox 360 console that will be significantly less expensive than the current models. It’s not clear if the device is being released because the new Xbox isn’t backwards-compatible or it could be released as a low-cost entertainment box that has been heavily rumoured.

Of course, these are all just speculations and rumours, but historically the author of the article, Paul Thurrott has been quite accurate with these types of rumours.

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