Ninefold launches “Developer Tier” for $7 to help Startups


Australian-based cloud services company Ninefold has today announced a new developer tier. The Dev tier was built to help devs and tech-savvy entrepreneurs get their ideas to market faster at a great price. The cheaper option is Ideal for development or proof of concept environments, it provides customers with the ability to create virtual servers with up to 2GB of RAM and has been engineered for dev/staging environments with process, quality, support, and price in mind.

“We built the Dev tier because our Australian customers kept telling us there were no robust development options for them locally,” said Shaun Domingo, Head of Technology and Operations at Ninefold. “Whether developers just want to play around with something for a while or build out a more planned app, they now have access to a fast, steady development environment at their fingertips.”

For $7 (ex GST) customers get a single-core, 512Mb Linux server with 15Gb of local storage, with production-grade performance.

“We are genuinely excited by what the Ninefold Dev tier provides, and what Australians will do with this great new service. There’s been a lot of talk of supporting entrepreneurs and startups here with last week’s Federal Budget, the Dev tier is another way that Ninefold feels it can contribute to the Australian community,” said Shaun Domingo, Head of Technology and Operations at Ninefold.

  • 512MB / 1 Core – $7* / month
  • 1GB / 1 Core – $14* / month
  • 1.5GB / 1 Core – $21* / month
  • 2GB / 2 Core – $28* / month

* CPU / RAM / Storage billed by the hour. Excludes additional storage, includes 15Gb local storage and 5Gb data outbound

These servers come with Ninefold’s existing benefits:

  • High performance infrastructure
  • Per hour pay-as-you-go pricing
  • Ability to provision a server in minutes
  • Easy and intuitive user interface
  • Servers located in Australia
  • Free local support
  • Approved for federal Government use
  • 5GB data (outbound)
  • Free unlimited inbound data
  • Powerful local and cross-zone HA features
  • DNS management

To sign up and use the Ninefold Dev tier, head over to, and complete the sign-up form. You will need to confirm your email address and enter a valid credit card and you’re away in just a couple of minutes.

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