Nokia Lumia 820 is the 4.3” baby brother

Nokia Lumia 820

Nokia wasn’t done with their flagship phone, they also just unveiled the baby brother of the Lumia 920. It also features many of the features of the 920 like NFC, all the Nokia apps but has a few key differences. It has a smaller batter, micro-sd card slot and removable back cover. There are a range of covers available one of which is a wireless charging back.

Even Steve Ballmer, CEO of Microsoft showed up for the announcement, reaffirming their relationship with Nokia. He also went on to say “this is the year for Windows”. He talked about the standardisation of interface and stores across platforms. He’s predicting that in 12 months time, more than 400 million devices will be running Windows 8 or Window Phone 8.

Nokia Lumia 820

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