Nokia Lumia phones all gone

Nokia Lumia 800

Microsoft had teamed up with Nokia to attract Australian developers to write application for the platform. On offer was 50 Nokia WP7 devices, with a Lumia 710 available if you wrote 3 apps and the hot Lumia 800 if you wrote 4 apps. As of today, all 50 handsets have been given away to developers.

Congratulations to those developers who got their devices, if you were one of these, leave a comment and link to your apps so we can check them out. Given the relatively tight timeline for the competition, it’ll be interesting to see the quality vs quantity.

One of the biggest criticisms of the Windows Phone platforms has been it’s app support, so don’t let this stop you from writing for the platform. 2012 is set to be the biggest year yet for Windows Phone with the Nokia partnership moving into full swing along with a slew of other handset manufacturers releasing second generation devices.

Microsoft do have one offer on the table, the chance at having your application featured in the Marketplace. As with any App Store, being featured helps user adoption and sales if your app costs money. It’s a decent opportunity and would depend on the quality and appeal of your app. To nominate your app to be featured, head to the Windows Phone Australian Developer Community.

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