Nokia’s design head explains Lumia 920 design decisions

Head of design at Nokia

The Nokia Lumia 920 arrives in Australia this week, perfect timing for the Head of Nokia Design, Marko Ahtisaari to talk about the design approach behind Nokia’s latest flagship phone. He discusses how they paid close attention to every single detail of the device, and the fact that they wanted it to have a more human feeling.

How do you get a device like a phone to feel human? By constructing it with objects that are not cold. There’s plenty of other gems in the video, check it out on YouTube as you count down the days till that pre-order arrives. I suspect this is the first of many videos we’ll see from Nokia’s design team.

Apple made the designer video famous with their keynotes, explaining the meticulous decisions and manufacturing that went into creating the device. The story behind the device can make consumers want it even more, while also building confidence in the team who are making the decisions.

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