Nokia’s N8 ad is better than the phone

Nokia N8 TVC

The most popular Nokia products have been their candybar phones. While feature phones suit the needs of millions of users, the hot end of the market (and frankly the interesting part) is clearly smart phones. While Nokia’s premium N line of phones have been around for a while, post N95 they’ve taken a back seat to the iPhone, at least in mind share.

Nokia’s aiming to rejuvenate interest in their N lineup with the new Nokia N8 smart phone. The N8 will go head to head with the leading smart phones, Apple’s iPhone, Samsung’s Galaxy S, Motorolla’s Milestone and soon to be a slew of WP7 devices.

The N8 has a decent spec sheet on paper (12MP camera, HD video w/in-phone editing, HDMI out, free GPS, AMOLED screen. Unfortunately the phone falls short in a couple of key areas, it runs Symbian 3 and has a 3.5” screen that only runs 640×360, sadly this means the awesome TVC is really more impressive than the phone is. The ad focuses on what enthusiasts do with their technology – “It’s not technology, its what you do with it, that’s what really impresses us.” There’s a couple of crazy examples, one of which is a mobile phone controlling a game of snake on the side of a building and another involving a hamster powered phone charger. Nokia asks the question.. “The Nokia N8, what will you do with it ?”

Overall its a fantastic ad, shot and edited brilliantly, be sure to check it in HD if bandwidth permits, your eyes will thankyou later.

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