NSW School installs immersive Igloo Vision Learning Space with Epson projectors

    It’s a rough time if you’re a kid trying to get an education, but Knox Grammar is using technology to help deliver a learning environment with a difference (once lockdown ends). To give students an opportunity to develop ideas, test and research and then dive deeply into technology programs, a future-focussed classroom has been created. The school’s ICT integration team and shared immersive space specialists, Igloo Vision. The result was something truly unique with Epson projectors at its core.

    “Knox Grammar set out to create an immersive learning space that was flexible, innovative and transformational for teachers and students. We wanted to encompass the latest presentation technologies that engaged students and captured their imagination. For this we required the expertise of Igloo Vision and projection technology from Epson.

    Knox Grammar School ICT Integrator, Mark Kelly,

    Igloo Vision supplied and installed Knox Grammar’s very own “Igloo”, a purpose-built enclosed immersive space with 360-degree sound and vision, with Mark Kelly and fellow Knox Grammar senior ICT integrator Michael Beilharz working alongside the Igloo technicians as well as the Knox AV team. 

    From a technical capability, Knox Grammar ICT and AV staff supported the calibration of the Epson projectors and linking to the school IT infrastructure. The rest was handled by Igloo Vision. For the Immersive Learning Space, Knox installed multiple Epson EB-G7400UNL projectors paired with ELPLU03 lenses.

    “Firstly, Epson projectors are our campus standard for their ongoing reliability and high-level technical support. To futureproof the installation we wanted to ensure that all technologies used were scalable, particularly the projectors.

    The Epson G-series units allow us the flexibility to move from a short-throw to ultra-short-throw lens configuration when and if we wish to do so. Image quality and brightness were also key here and the Epson projectors’ brightness at 5,500 ANSI lumens together with their 4K Image Enhancement certainly put them ahead of any other projectors.”

    Knox Grammar School ICT Integrator, Mark Kelly,

    Igloo Vision was a critical component to the success of the Knox project. Their expertise and consultation meant that Knox have been able to realise their dreams for a new and innovative classroom and ensure their technology is both scalable and will remain relevant in the future.

    “Now that this unique classroom is complete, teachers continue to be amazed at the learning outcomes our Immersive Learning Space has helped them achieve for their students.

    Students enjoy the engaging surround sound and vision that captures their imagination and immerses them into situations as diverse as milk production on a dairy farm, how Tassal farms its salmon in Tasmania, being inside a raging bushfire or flying across the expanse of the Sahara desert.”

    Knox Grammar School ICT Integrator, Mark Kelly,

    The Immersive Learning Space is a bookable classroom environment and teachers bring classes up to the school’s iHub for any lesson where they are looking to give students an experience beyond the traditional classroom walls. 

    “Teachers can create their own 360-degree video content, access it from YouTube VR or setup the Immersive Learning Space where traditional 2D content is presented and viewed on up to five Epson projectors.

    Teachers can also access Google Maps for a student field trip to anywhere in the world. It is a truly unique learning environment where Epson’s excellent projectors play a hugely important role.”

    Knox Grammar School ICT Integrator, Mark Kelly,
    Jason Cartwright
    Jason Cartwright
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