NVIDIA announces “NVIDIA GRID” – OnLive-esque successor


At the currently ongoing Consumer Electronics Show, PC hardware and software juggernaut NVIDIA has today announced and revealed the NVIDIA GRID, their attempt at a fully cloud based  rendering system.

Shown by NVIDIA CEO Jen-Hsung Huang, the NVIDIA GRID is NVIDIA’s first attempt at an all-in-one integrated system. Jen-Hsung and the development team at NVIDIA spent over five years working on the GRID system, ultimately creating a system more powerful than nearly 700 Xbox consoles thanks to its 240 GPU’s.

The GRID’s inbuilt software will allow up to 24 users to connect to each node and then forward those unique users an individual experience, including cloud saves, tablet based high-fidelity gaming, and seamless loading.

NVIDIA has been working closely with a number of cloud based pioneers, including G-cluster, Cloud Union, and globally renowned Ubitus, the founders of Japan based "GameCloud". Although no formal release date has been announced, Huang confirmed they were intending to roll it out "soon".

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