Official Twitter app for Windows 8 now available, lacks multi-account


The long awaited official Twitter app for Windows 8 is now available. Almost 6 months since the launch of Microsoft’s latest OS, the mega social network is now available. Sure there’s been plenty of alternatives to get users by in the mean time, like MetroTwit and Rowi, but some users just want official and nothing less.

The app itself is quite simple, clean and fast, it supports many of the standard features you’d expect, but also many of the metro features like support for the Search and Settings charms, snapped view and share target. There’s support for in-line content like images and video, but there is one massive omission, multiple account support.


If you can deal with the lack of multiple accounts, the official twitter app stacks up very well. With manual refreshing, it won’t replace other Twitter streaming apps you may use to watch the world of twitter flow by.

While it’s great to see the app arrive, it would have been great to see some innovation in this app compared to other platforms, unfortunately the only change really is the implementation of the metro UI. The other thing to note is that Twitter for Windows 8 is available on both x86/x64 and ARM architectures, this means those with WinRT tablets can also download Twitter.

If you’re not running Windows 8 yet, here’s a video of the app in action.

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