Ollo Mobile wins Rackspace Australia small teams big impact down under

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In Sydney this week, Ollo Mobile has been named the winner of the inaugural​ Rackspace Australia Small Teams Big Impact Down Under competition. The startup has developed a 3G cloudphone, which aims to reinvent the monitored telehealth industry and improve the safety and communication of families worldwide.

It is a specialised cellular phone, seamlessly integrated with a cloud based service platform, which helps notify families when seniors fall or need assistance. Ollo Mobile:
• Replaces the call centre with smart software, lowering the cost of monitored telehealth services by 80%
• Is a matchbox sized phone, waterproof, and wearable on a pendant or keyring
• Has a variable volume speakerphone, voice control, long battery life (10 days+), automatic fall detection, and indoor geolocation
• Charges on a dock, and has no cables or plugs
• Has a SIM card, and can be called like a regular phone

Rackspace launched the competition to find the best small team making a big impact, judged on the scope of innovation, the highest disruptive potential, and the greatest potential impact to the largest number of people or businesses.

Hugh Geiger, Co-Founder, Ollo Mobile said “We applied to the Rackspace Small Teams Big Impact competition because we know we are tackling a huge problem, and we just needed to get some global attention to help make it a reality.”

“The Ollo Mobile cloudphone technology will reinvent monitored telehealth services for seniors and those with chronic health conditions. We lower the cost of service delivery by 80% and make the service socially engaging and desirable, without compromising safety.

“We think this award can serve as a great launchpad to help get our startup in front of a very broad audience.”

The Rackspace Small Teams Big Impact Tour culminated in a final event on Tuesday evening at the Fishburners co-working space in Sydney. The ten startup finalists were:

• OpenLearning – a student centred online learning platform based around the principles of student autonomy, diversity of learning materials, openness of resources and social interactivity.

• Food Orbit – a marketplace that is changing the food system, enabling wholesale buyers of food, such as chefs and restaurateurs to connect and trade directly with local farmers and producers online.

• Projectia – a social network that enables you to share, connect and collaborate around the projects that interest you most.

• Annexium – a global contract drafters’ network, training provider and publisher: a web app for professional education courses, intensives, legal templates, ebooks, seminar papers and webinars.

• AuthoPay – a credit card fraud protection service that allows shop owners to verify end customer address details.

• Ollo Mobile – voice controlled, 3G cloudphone technology which aims to reinvent the monitored telehealth industry, and improve the safety and communication of families worldwide.

• Revolutionise – an end-to-end online platform for sports club management, managing members, scheduling games, entering results, and more.

• Clipp – allows customers to open, view and pay their bar or restaurant tab, and earn points to redeem at any Clipp venue.

• DigitalSorbet – a social working platform to help home-based professionals from all over the world connect, share and work collaboratively to get things done.

• Geepers – a vision to create a globally consistent addressing system; one based on precise GPS locations rather than country-specific conventions. The easiest way to find people, places and things anywhere in the world.

They pitched to a star-studded guest panel of judges, including:
• Robert Scoble, Startup Liaison Officer, Rackspace; blogger, technical evangelist, and author
• Mick Liubinskas, Co‐Founder, Pollenizer
• Kim Heras, Founder PushStart
• Ruslan Kogan, Founder Kogan
• Chris Ridd, Country Manager, Xero

Robert Scoble, Startup Liaison Officer, Rackspace said “It was great to see some budding Australian entrepreneurs tonight, and there were three real potential billion dollar ideas in the contest.”

“The startups overall in Australia were of a very high quality, and could definitely compete on the world stage.” and “I can’t wait to come back to Australia!”.

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