Outlook.com is here to make Hotmail better


Microsoft has released Outlook.com. While you may think this is the web version of the most used desktop mail app, Outlook, it isn’t. While we often correlate Outlook with business email, the name is a strong one which Microsoft has decided to use for personal email.

Basically what we are seeing here is the replacement for the long criticized, hotmail.com. The cleaner, metro-style interface is slick and fast, falling into line with Microsoft’s new design language. There’s all the standard options for view styles, like a reading pane on the bottom or right for that Outlook feel.

An interesting change is the ad placement in the right panel has been pushed down the page in favour of promoting all the features of Outlook.com. These include connecting social accounts, taking your appointments with you on the mobile and managing contacts.

Clicking the drop down next to the new Outlook icon, will drop down Tiles that link to Mail, People, Calendar and Skydrive, the later 2 which are yet to be updated to the new UI.


The upgrade looks promising and using a strong brand like Outlook for Mail at Microsoft is a good move. There is one issue though, in Australia, we see a Ninemsn banner at the top of the page which actually breaks the UI by sitting over search and sort boxes.

Microsoft have just posted on twitter that more than 1 Million people have already tried out Outlook.com, a pretty staggering number given it was only released a matter of hours ago.

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