OVO is offering an insane 150GB of 4G data for just $89.95pm

Matt Jones CEO of OVO

If you’ve been paying attention to your mobile usage over the past few years, you’ll notice your phone is eating more and more data. The ultra-restrictive 1-2GB plans are gone, making way for 10-20GB plans. As our relentless thirst for data marches on, OVO have recognized just how mobile our lives are and that we need more data at a reasonable price to power our mobile devices that grow in numbers and grow in data requirements.

Australia’s largest pre-paid data plan is now a massive 150GB for just A$89.95 per month, this means you have 150GB to use in 30 days, with no lock-in contracts and it runs on the Optus 4G Plus network.

Telstra and Optus both showcased 5G networks at the Commonwealth Games on the Gold Coast last week and that technology demo will turn into a real-world roll out in the next 12 months. 5G promises capacity for basically everything in our lives to be connected and run over the 5G network. That raises the question of what we’ll pay for all that data across so many devices. Judging by the fairly rapid growth in mobile data, it looks like carriers understand with extra speed, extra data caps are required, something that wasn’t the case during the 3G/4G change over.

OVO’s CEO Matt Jones said,

“If 2018 has told Australia telcos anything, it’s that we as consumers expect more data for less. More than 60 per cent of OVO’s customers are under the age of 28.  We’re talking about a generation of renters who grew up on mobile, and typically leave home each day with a variety of connected devices they expect to be able to access wherever and whenever they go.

With this plan, coupled with a portable modem, users can connect up to five devices at a time.  This is great for multi-tasking, like working on your laptop and mobile while one of your kids play on the iPad. With 150GB to play with, there’s so much headroom, you could really stream Netflix or Foxtel Now for hours per day without fear of going over your cap. For modern needs, these data caps are almost approaching practical unlimited.

According to the ABS, at December 2017 more than 6.2 million broadband subscribers were on mobile wireless.  The next largest group of subscribers was the 3.7 million on fixed DSL connections, followed by 2.97 million on fixed fibre.

Stuart Bird, Managing Director of Optus Wholesale said,

“OVO continues to demonstrate its unique differentiation in the mobile market, now meeting the needs of the growing segment of data hungry, value conscious consumers.  At Optus Wholesale, we are delighted to power this great new offer with the full strength of our award winning 4G plus mobile network.”

OVO is also catering to growing audiences of its OVOPlay content, such as the Australian Esports League (AEL) announced in March, who almost exclusively stream entertainment on mobile devices.

Matt went on to say,

“We are a mobile nation.  With this plan, we’re providing another option for Australian broadband subscribers who don’t see the sense of paying for an internet connection that’s restricted to a fixed address.”

More information at ovo.com.au/products/broadband/plans/extralarge


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