Pause Fest is Australia’s answer to SXSW


Pause Fest is on again in 2014, in its third year, creatives, designers, animators and marketers will attend Australia’s answer to SXSW. Held at Federation Square in Melbourne from February 13th to 16th, the expectation is that more than 6,000 people will attend.

Event founder George Hedon, who works as a creative art director says “It is meant to be a inspirational springboard for creative industries to meet, learn, launch and collaborate.” Pause Fest 2014 will cover motion, gaming, creative, start-ups, music and the web. but here’s the important stats from the event.

·        8 event screenings
·        16 keynote presentations
·        4 panels
·        5 workshops
·        6 networking events
·        1 masterclass
·        3 installations
·        3 parties, 1 day gig

Organisers say Pause Fest will cement Melbourne as the digital cultural capital of Australia, we’re sure Sydney would have something to say about that.

For more information, head to or follow them on Twitter: and Facebook:

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