People are already using Windows 8.1, here’s what they’ve found


While I wait for one of those stupid metal birds in the sky, I’m watching the #Bldwin hashtag on twitter and see that some early //BUILD/ Attendees are already hands-on with Windows 8.1. Let’s take a look at what they’ve found so far.

Networking made easy
According to this screen shot by Tom Ziegmann, in Windows 8.1, it will try and simplify your connected devices around you home like printers and TVs. This is of course optional, just like sharing between devices currently is.



The betafish is back
Rafael Rivera has been quick to show off the new version of the beta fish, previously found in the developer preview of Windows 8, it’s back in 8.1 with so flat Metro coloring.



Tile sizes
We’ve seen from the previews that Windows 8.1 was getting a new tile size, similar to Windows Phone 8. While the image is broken now, I did see it earlier when Robert McLaws confirmed desktop app tiles have just two size options, but that’s up from the single size in Windows 8.


Keep an eye out for more news from #bldwin and #win81 as more people get their hands on the bits. Waiting in Sydney, I’m pretty jealous right now.


New apps
There’s an updated Store design in Windows 8.1.


Map network drives from Start Screen
Not really sure why this is a new option, but apparently it is. Tom Ziegmann shares a screenshot which shows the options to map / disconnect a network drive, I’d have to imagine he has the desktop or explorer tiles selected to get those options.


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