Personal assistant Sherpa now understands Aussies


    Sherpa is a voice-enabled personal assistant for Android, and is available in Australia for free (in beta) through Google Play store.

    Sherpa is launching with support for our great Aussie accent, meaning the commands you give it will have a much higher success rate than voice systems that rely on you talking like a yank. The app has been adapted to the Australian/English language and recognises Australian specific words.

    The app includes the capabilities to use complex voice commands to perform a number of intelligent tasks such as booking flights, playing music and paying via Paypal.

    Sherpa founder and CEO, Xabier Uribe-Etxebarria says “The perfect personal assistant has vast knowledge, can predict your needs and learns about you over time, almost as if by magic. With Sherpa, we are building a platform that delivers unlimited possibilities to make people’s lives easier. Sherpa’s capabilities will only continue to expand; we have developed less than 0.01 percent of our vision and what our amazing technology is capable of.”

    Right now the app has a 4.5 star rating after more than 27,000 ratings, so clearly international android users love it.

    Downlaod Sherpa now on Google Play.

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