Perth-based HyperPower is making a 1MW electric motor to power an EV dragster, Hyperloop and more

Perth-based HyperPower Technologies is a company that are building electric motors. These are unlike anything we’ve seen from production cars, with the ‘QFM-360-X’ said to be able to produce a 1MW motor.

This motor is expected power future transport technologies such as hyperloop and light rail. The HyperPower Quantum Force eMotor will continue its development as part of a partnership with Top EV Racing.

This partnership will see these mega motors integrated into an Aussie-developed electric dragster. Electric vehicles are set to take replace virtually every vehicle type, so showcasing your technology in one of the fastest sports on the planet is a wonderful place to start.

Drag strips are full of cars that burn fuel for entertainment, not for transport. This makes them incredibly bad for the environment. Give our love for speed and competition to see who is the fastest is likely to never die, moving to EVs can’t come soon enough.

What wouldn’t work is to propose a change to EVs and have the cars go slower. Instead, the Top EV dragster is designed to reach speeds of 530 km/h in just 3.7 seconds over the standing 300 metres (1,000ft). This places it on-par with today’s top-fuel dragsters.

The 4,000 kW, 10 metre EV dragster, also aims to capture the top land speed record of 612 km/h (half the Speed of Sound) with an array of 4 HyperPower QFM-360-X motors.

SuperCharging a dragster

A typical race meet will see the car transit the strip multiple times. This is likely to require recharging which can be done using the racecar transporter, which has 6kW of solar panels on top. The power is fed into a custom 100 kWh Lithium-ion battery storage array, which is then use to fast-charge the racecar’s on-board energy storage packs.

The full specs are ridiculous and listed below.

Technical Specifications

Fully ELECTRIC & Solar-SuperCharged
• ~ 5,000 HorsePower = > 3.6 MegaWatts
• > 612 km/h – that’s half the Speed of Sound!
• + 7.3 G’s peak (Acceration)
• – 6.2 G’s peak (Braking)

Pursued Timing Incrementals

Drag Racing Track with Surface Preparation:
• 0 to 200 km/h (124 mph) in 0.8 sec
• 0 to 440 km/h (275 mph) in 2.9 sec
• 0 to 530 km/h (330 mph) in 3.7 sec

International Sanctioning

• Drag Racing (1/8 mile, 1000 feet, 1/4 mile)
• Landspeed (on Asphalt)
• Exhibition Driving (at Events & Shows)

For more information, head to HyperPower and TopEV Racing.

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  1. They’ve been saying this for a while. You’d think if they wanted a bit of exposure (and credibiity) they’d be out at the dragstrips running with a few of their development configurations.

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