Philips Hue Lightstrip Plus can connect for up to 10m runs, 16m colours


Philips has a new update to their Hue lighting products. The new Hue Lightstrip Plus is a flexible light source. They’re pitching it as an easy to shape (around corners) and get this, even cut it so it fits the perfect length. These strips can connect together for a run of up to 10 meters.

The Philips Hue lightstrip plus offers a full colour range from white to 16 million colors. Being a Hue device, its controllable from your mobile, better yet, it’s controllable through the very awesome IFTTT service. This means your lighting can be connected to your actions. Because you walk in the door with your home, you can trigger a geofence and then cause a reaction. That can be as simple as turning on a lightstrip, or switch the colour if someone replies to you on Twitter. 

The light strips are perfect for running light under your kitchen bench, or as shown in the video, under mirrors or areas of the home you want indirect lighting. Personally I’d love it on the back of my monitor or under the office desk.

These will be available from 6th October.




Now check out the video.

Meet the new Philips Hue lightstrip plus! The most flexible light source. Shape it, cut it, or extend it up to 10 meters! The Philips Hue lightstrip plus offers ultimate flexibility from white light to 16 million colors. Available from 6th October.

Posted by Philips hue on Thursday, September 3, 2015

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