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Video editing capabilities have been in Photoshop since CS3 Extended but it’s not something you would think of when it comes to editing video. The video editing abilities of Photoshop are more suited for small edits, you can edit video almost all the same ways you can edit a still but over time. The feature was never designed to be used for feature filmmaking but Adobe’s own research has found that it’s actively used throughout Hollywood.

Since CS3 the way we capture and view video has changed enormously, we have seen DSLRs become capable of shooting professional video, phones and point and shoots having the ability of shooting 1080P and with this everyone is editing video and posting it on Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo etc. Much has changed over the last few years and so has Photoshop.

Adobe released a video completely edited in an unreleased version of Photoshop showing what Photoshop team has been working on. But with solid applications already existing for video editing such as Premiere pro and the unofficially labeled Photoshop editor for video After Effects, where does Video editing in Photoshop stand?

Photoshop Senior product manager Bryan O’Neil Hughes says there is a large gap between consumer software and Premiere Pro and with video being generated by photographers who are already familiar with the workflow of Photoshop video in Photoshop will be great for people that want powerful features for video editing in software they use everyday.

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