Photos from TechEd’s Opening Party


After yesterday’s keynotes came the welcome party for attendees. On show this year was the latest wares from Microsoft and it’s partners. The highlights included the ability to get hands-on with the mega 80” Perceptive Pixel touchscreens displays, a playable Forza Horizons demo and a couple of Triple-screen racing simulators.

You could also have your photo taken with a Masterchief in a Halo 4 promotion, and there were plenty of WP7 and existing tablet hardware running Windows 8 to play with. Sadly no sign of WP8 or even WP7.8, but that’s not unexpected, TechEd is usually about telling the existing story for Microsoft, not breaking new technology.

Some of the more interesting vendors were HP with their upgradable ultrabook where you can switch out the processor, RAM and hard drive easily, despite adhering to ultrabook specifications of thinness. Another was FusionIO which I strongly recommend you check out there booth if you are attending the event. The other demo I seen was from Intel, promoting their Wi-Di technology paired with a Belkin Wi-Di adapter for a display.

There’ll be a dedicated posts for perceptive pixel displays including some hands-on video, but for now, sit back and enjoy the photos from last night’s opening.

TechEd Australia opening party

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