Pioneer make a 400GB optical disc on 16 x 25GB layers

    Pioneer 400GB disc

    Pioneer have created a format in optical storage – Super multi-layer. This disc currently contains 16GB layers, each being 25GB for a total of 400GB. They have a 500GB disc under development and 1TB discs to arrive around 2013.

    The technology at the moment only allows reading so don’t plan on backing up your DVD collection any time soon. Rewriteable discs are expected to arrive in 2010-2012.

    The question needs to be asked, why do we need optical discs of this size, given that 1TB hard drives are available today and  so cheap ? Optical discs can be scratched and deteriorate over time.

    Also given Blu-ray drives and discs are still prohibitively expensive for most, how much will one of these discs cost ? Are they setting up for the next version of HD 4k ??

    Pioneer 400GB disc

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