Play Angry Birds on Facebook, world domination continues

Angry Birds Facebook

As if there wasn’t quite enough places to play Angry Birds, they’ve just added one more. That’s right, you can now play Angry Birds, right inside Facebook. I first noticed this in my Facebook Wall and yep, sure enough, the flash-driven game can be played right within the timeline or popped out to fullscreen.

Playing the game on Facebook gives you access to new levels and a friend leaderboard as with many other FB games. Integration with Facebook is likely to drive new social usage that takes the franchise to a who new level.

Then there’s the financial aspect of leveraging Facebook. Users can visit the Angry Birds Shop and upgrade their avatar or purchase a bunch of in-game upgrades. The mighty eagle, sling scope, birdquake and kingsling can all be purchased at different levels capping out at $20 real world dollars for each. If your’re a sucker bargain hunter you can pick up the All-in-one bundle for $40.

Angry Birds on Facebook[4]Angry Birds Facebook[9]

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