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Tonight is the first debate of the 2013 election in Australia between Prime Minister Kevin Rudd and opposition leader Tony Abbott. One of the main topics that will be discussed will be the NBN. While the minister’s responsible for the communications policy are Anthony Albanese and Malcolm Turnbull, the leaders of both parties need to present strong cases for their NBN plans.

The NBN policy is critical to a lot of Australians and their future, particularly when it comes to the benefits in health and education. While there are plenty of other issues to vote on, chances are the readers of techAU will largely vote on the NBN issue.

We’ve heard plenty of catch phrases from both sides, but tonight the debate will rely on how well each side can articulate the case for their preferred method of delivering an NBN. Regardless of which side of politics you come down on, they both are asking for billions of tax payers dollars. While the debate is on at 6:30PM AEST tonight, you can have some fun and play NBN bingo using the graphic below.

This works by marking off each item as it’s mentioned, get a straight from left to right or top to bottom and you win… well nothing, but it’s a bit of fun. If you cross off all items 12 items, then you win the internet (Disclaimer: this does not guarantee a connection to the NBN).


You can watch the debate live on ABCNews24 even if your outside Australia, they are removing the geoblock for the event –

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