Pocketbook goes mobile starting with an iPhone app


    Personal finance service Pocketbook has been a big hit. Since we covered the Aussie service last November, there’s been some new features added, like setting spending limits for the week. Now comes the first mobile Pocketbook app for iPhone. The app delivers you mobile access to your financial history, account balances, but so much more. In the associated blog post, Pocketbook talk about the app being not just a mobile app, but being built for mobile.

    The Pocketbook iPhone app gives you fast access to add cash transactions, a type of spending that can easily get away from us. Another great feature is the ability to take photos of the purchases or spending you make. Take a transaction categorised as fast food, then imagine that being accompanied by a photo of the Subway, KFC or McDonalds logos. This would easily allow you to identify where your money was going. Maybe you went to a concert and bought the t-shirt, snap a photo to preserve the memory and the transaction. This just makes sense for mobile apps.

    Overall the Pocketbook app is a very welcome introduction and to seriously manage your personal finance, it’s frankly a requirement to have mobile apps. Pocketbook need to move quickly to add Android and Windows Phone apps to extend their Aussie audience even further. One other item I’ll give them credit for is the growing list of support financial institutes they support, better yet, you can do it all from the app. This does open the service up to users who would never use it on the desktop.

    More info @ Pocketbook.

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