Podcast Episode #50 – The Facebook

techAU Podcast Episode 50

Episode 50 of the podcast is now available. In this episode I discuss the following stories:

1. Windows Phone 7

  • Messy launch
  • All 89,000 Microsoft employees are getting one free
  • All paying attendees of PDC10 got one free
  • Multitasking is badly needed
  • Copy and Paste coming early 2011

2. The Social Network

  • Great movie
  • Expects a lot from the audience, doesn’t treat you like an idiot
  • Justin Timberlake a distraction

3. Red Dead Redemption – Undead Nightmare Pack

  • Zombies !
  • 800 Microsoft Points

4. MetroTwit update

  • Version Technical Beta
  • Stable, Fast, generally awesome.

5. Windows 8 may have 3D gesture support

  • Boy Genius Reporting that Microsoft have acquired Canesta
  • Video shows a guy performing different tasks by gestures and touch
  • At tech.Ed I spoke to August about Natural User Interfaces, this could be a serious entry into that world.

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Episode 50 – HD

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