Podcasting goes pro, TWiT upgrades to $1.2 Million studio

TWiT New Studio 

If your into technology and podcasts, you’ve undoubtedly heard of TWiT and its founder Leo Laporte. Today marks another major milestone in the evolution of the independent IP-based broadcaster. Months in development, the new TWiT studios, also known as ‘The TWiT Brickhouse’ cost around US$1.2 Million to build.

After a precession down the streets of Petaluma, California, around 50 lucky TWiT fans were treated to the first official show from the new studio and biggest show on the network – This Week in Tech. With guest hosts, Kevin Rose, Patrick Norton, John C Dvorak and Steve Gibson, Leo Laporte showcased just what we can expect from the new setup. Brand new higher quality cameras, phenomenal set designs and more.

TWiT New Studio

So far we’ve seen the set for TWiT, Tech News Today and over the next week, we’ll see the rest of the TWiT podcasts recorded in the brickhouse. The initial reaction from the TWiT Army has been incredibly positive. About 30,000 viewers tuned in live today, around 2,500 in the chat room and millions will download the first show in podcast form.

The technology used in the new studio is amazing, something Leo says wouldn’t have been possible just a couple of years ago. With more than 30 consumer grade HD cameras in use, connected to a Tricaster 850 video switcher being just the start of it. The real brains of the operation is in the basement, to shift the heat and noise away from the action.

Watch a behind the scenes walkthrough of the new studio on YouTube.

I’ve watched and learnt so much from absorbing TWiT podcasts and the live stream for years now and am very glad to have visited the TWiT Cottage last year before its decommission today. Congratulations to Leo and the rest of the TWiT crew which has grown to more than a dozen staff.


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