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This week in our poll, we’re asking techAU readers how much data they consume on mobile devices. This is combined across devices like smartphones, tablets and USB dongles. I’ve tried to get through a month on a 1GB plan, but almost always I need to add a data pack to make it through. This month I burnt through 1GB without trying in just 20 days, so $15 later another 1GB was added to get me through the remaining 10 days.

Telstra’s 4G network recently had its second birthday and since then we’ve seen Optus and Vodafone launch their own 4G networks. What we haven’t seen is a reflection of the modern day data use on mobile plans. This leaves many of us paying $70-$90 per month for our mobiles for just 1-2GB of data depending on your carrier. Compare this to your home internet and you can easily get 200GB for around the same money.

Sure the mobile infrastructure of towers is more expensive to construct that leveraging existing copper phone lines, however things need to change. With faster connection speeds on mobile networks, users will inevitably use more data, so mobile providers could either offer adequate data limits for a reasonable price, or sit back and take the profits from exorbitant pricing.

You’ll find the poll on the right of any page of the site. Please take the time, it only takes a second and you also get to view the results to see how your choice compares to others.

Last week’s poll result
Our last poll asked you ‘What do you think of the iOS7 update?’  The full results are shown below and are actually a little surprising. Given Apple’s ability to get users to rapidly move to the latest version, you’d expect most to have a keen thirst for the latest and greatest. Just less than half of responders love it, most are either agnostic or don’t like.

  • Great, fantastic upgrade. (49%, 28 Votes)
  • Meh, different colours, same OS. (32%, 18 Votes)
  • Hate it, please sack Jony Ive. (19%, 11 Votes)

Image credit: Luke Ma [Flickr CC]

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