Poll: Which next gen console are you actually buying?


It’s the start of another week and it’s time for another poll on techAU. This week we want to know which next generation console you prefer, but not just which one you like, which one you’re actually going to spend your hard earned dollars on. You can find the Poll in the column two of any page on the site.

Personally I’m in team Xbox, I have pre-ordered the Xbox One day one edition and also pre-ordered Forza Motorsport 5 and Dead Rising 3. As soon as I can order GTA V, I’ll be doing that as well. I’m keen to get the console equally for it’s entertainment and app support as I am for it’s gaming. One of the first things I’ll be trying out is the split screen Skype ability while watching a video, browsing the web or playing a game.

Last week’s poll result
Last week  we asked readers which NBN plan they supported. The results are in.. of 813 respondents, Labor’s FTTP scored 775 votes, while the Coalition’s FTTN option scored just 39 votes.

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