Portal 2 level designer [video]

Portal 2 level deisgner

A brand new video / leak of the Portal 2  level designer has emerged. YouTube user Cyborgmatt was quick to grab the video and repost it – appreciated. Level designers for games is certainly nothing new, but when Valve does it for a cult-hit like Portal, it’s newsworthy.

15 years ago it was Duke Nukem 3D’s level designer that filled my miss-spent youth. Then of course there was Second Life and more recently Minecraft.

The good news is the brain-stimulating challenges of Portal can be created with a pretty simple tool. You can see from the screenshot (and video if it stays up), the UI is clean, sllick and appears to be easy to use, meaning the barrier to entry will be low. This just leaves your imagination.. and of course the release date.

There’s no official word on the release date of the Portal 2 level designer, but there’s a slim chance you’ll be able to avoid the news when it finally ships.

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