Post about crypto on YouTube? Prepare to have your whole Google account banned

Bad Crypto is a podcast I’ve been listening to for a while now and in their 105th episode, they reveal a story about having their entire Google account banned. Around the 20 minute mark of the show, they discuss the issue of spam accounts posting about crypto on social media.

The story then turned to the Bad Crypto YouTube account. With the lens of recent announcement from Google’s Adsense, Twitter, Facebook and most recently Mailchimp, all banning ICO/crypto-based ads, this story about a YouTube ban is significant.

The hosts claim their Bad Crypto YouTube account had no strikes against it. They received an email to say an email had been flagged. 1 minutes later they received a second email to say their channel was suspended. 1 minute later their entire Google account was shut down.

The explanation from Google for brining down the ban hammer, was a video that was essentially a Coinbase tutorial. Like many others, Bad Crypto have an affiliate program that gives new Coinbase signups, $10 worth of BTC. If you buy or sell $100 or more of bitcoin, there’s another $10 of free bitcoin which Bad Crypto also receives. This revenue forms a portion of their income to fund their show and the video walkthrough was in response to fans asking about the process.

Banning advertising is one thing, but straight up killing a Google account because you post a video about Coinbase is pretty outrageous. Guest Desiree Dickerson does a great job at detailing the real problem and that’s crypto spam posts in comments and on social. Bots are creating spam posts about ethereum giveaways, often from fake accounts on posts from high profile celebrities.

Take a listen to the podcast below.

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