Potential Samsung Galaxy S IV photos leak


Samsung’s next big thing is going to be unpacked on Friday our time, but already there is claimed to be leaked photos of the device and some specs on a Chinese forum.


The design of the phone and the TouchWiz UX on top of Android 4.2.1 doesn’t look too different from previous generations of the Galaxy S and Galaxy Note series, although with a bit more of a metal look and some textures on the back. The rear is a glossy white, the device has rounded rectangular edges, and the screen looks to be a lot closer to the bezel than in any previous Samsung handset, which could mean that the devices size hasn’t grown to accommodate a bigger screen.


The leak backs up reports that the next Galaxy will keep its plastic casing and rumours of its internal specs having 2 gigs of ram, a 13mp camera, a 5 inch 1080p screen and Samsung’s Exynos Octa Processor. There is of course the possibility that these could be elaborate fakes as well, or even an epic troll from Samsung like they did last year with a disguised version of the Galaxy S III, however this does look more like a final shipping device design. If this is the final design, I must admit I’m a bit disappointed, especially compared to the hardware that has come out lately from HTC, Nokia, Sony and Apple. Fake or not, we will find out what it really looks like on Friday morning.

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