Powerledger expands P2P Thai energy project

    Powerledger is an Australian based energy company, that has revealed it is ramping up the expansion of its energy trading scheme partnership in Bangkok with Thai Energy Development (TDED) and BCPG, one of Asia-Pacific’s leading green energy companies.

    Powerledger and BCPG have expanded the T77 project with additional buildings and solar assets which now include multi-tenant residential complexes, a community mall, condominiums, a smart office building, and dental hospital. The project will provide renewable energy for up to 1,400 tenants, staff, teachers, and students.

    Powerledger’s T77 project in Thailand is an example of what’s achievable by implementing energy transaction technology. The building owners have confidence they can monetise all the solar generated, whether tenants use it or not, and the tenants get access to cheaper electricity. Whilst tracking the electricity generation data accurately enables the claiming of Renewable Energy Certificates.

    Powerledger Co-Founder and Chairman, Dr Jemma Green.

    The expansion of the innovative energy trading scheme at the T77 urban precinct in Bangkok includes 567kW extra solar generation capacity added and three more buildings with PV installed on them. With two multi-tenant residential complexes and a smart office building added, the average P2P transacted megawatt-hours of energy per month will be 15MWh.

    Powerledger’s platform allows us to simply and effectively manage the ongoing PPAs we have between our assets and the buildings of the T77 community, which is why it was a no-brainer to expand its use to our new solar assets here,

    BCPG Executive Vice President, Charnvit Trangadisaikul.

    There are seven buildings in total which are not only producers, but consumers as well adding to the total energy being transacted across the group. The average solar energy generated daily is 4.2MWh, with potential monthly revenue from P2P equating to A$2,270 across the group of buildings.

    The owners of the solar assets can monitor their offtake agreements with the building managers using Powerledger’s PPA Vision feature, and the immediacy of the data means they can track their return on investment in real-time.

    The immediacy and granularity of Powerledger’s energy trading data is opening up new possibilities for the adoption and acceleration of renewable energy technology. This project in Thailand showcases how our platform can create win-win scenarios for everyone in the energy ecosystem,”

    Powerledger Co-Founder and Chairman, Dr Jemma Green.

    For renewable energy developers like BCPG, the Powerledger platform provides better returns for investing in renewables such as solar PV. Meanwhile the building owners are provided with cheaper energy, they can also monetise any surplus energy.

    BCPG is among Asia-Pacific’s leading companies in renewable energy with solar power, hydropower and wind power businesses in Thailand, Japan, Taiwan, Laos, Vietnam and the Philippines. The company is continuing to partner with Powerledger to develop environmental commodity trading solutions across Thailand.

    Powerledger has more than thirty projects in twelve countries including Europe, Asia Pacific, North America and South America.

    Jason Cartwright
    Jason Cartwright
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