Powershop tries to attract EV owners with cheap rates between 12am-4am

Powershop is a fairly new energy provider in Australia, entering the market back in 2012, but clearly have an interest in EVs, as they bought a Tesla Model S and wrapped it in company branding to prove it.

Today, Powershop announced their off-peak tariff for electric vehicles was going mainstream, now available in Victoria, NSW and Queensland. This allows Powershop customers get power a significantly cheaper rate, if they schedule their charging between the hours of 12am – 4am on weekdays.

As the number of Electric Vehicle sales increase in Australia, the challenge for Electricity providers is to manage power draw from the additional vehicles.

Typically peak energy usage is between 5pm and 10pm, as we get home from work and turn on our technology. If thousands of new EVs are also drawing power to charge their growing battery sizes, then it will put significant stress on the grid. Unmanaged, in the worst case, could mean blackouts., hence the motivation to time-shift the charging to off-peak, low demand parts of the week.

Cars like the Tesla Model 3, can be plugged in when you get home, but scheduled to take charge between specific hours, therefore making them perfect candidates for this new deal.

During the ‘Super off Peak’ times of 12am to 4am, you can get power for just 11.88c/kWh (Ausnet zone 6). I compared that to what I’m paying currently with Energy Australia and it’s $0.23c/kWh.

This Flexible tariff consists of a Daily Supply Charge, and then a different per kWh energy rate for Peak, Off Peak, Shoulder and Super Off Peak times.

The energy rate for the Super Off Peak times is cheaper than the normal Off Peak rate and provides a perfect opportunity to charge your Electric Vehicle.

The Super Off Peak energy rates and times are not displayed on the Victorian Energy Fact Sheet but are detailed on this page which is to be read in conjunction with the Victorian Energy Fact Sheet.

The energy rates for the Super Off Peak times supersede the same times covered on the Victorian Energy Fact Sheet.

To access this tariff, customers must have a smart meter. If you don’t have one installed not to worry, we can sort a new smart meter installation for you, often at no extra cost.

Powershop has a strict policy to buy 100% of its energy from renewable sources like wind and hydro and are the only energy retailer to be certified 100% carbon neutral by the Australian Government.

More information available at Powershop.com.au.

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