Pre-GDC Showcase

In a pre-Game Developers Conference showcase, Microsoft have allowed some short glimpses of what could be expected in the week to come.

One of the more exciting scenes has been the preview of Torchlight for XBLA. Reports from testers have been promising, Runic Games apparently succeeding in porting the controls from the PC heavy hitter to the Xbox controller. In terms of dungeon crawlers for the console market, Torchlight may become the standard-bearer, taking the title from Baldur’s Gate.


The other, slightly more anticipated, Xbox game to be drooled over next week is Batman: Arkham City. In a hands-off demo, one of the developers demonstrated a portion of the game where Catwomen is executed at the hands of Two-Face.

Grappling and gliding across the island of Arkham, what we’ve seen of the game looks absolutely gorgeous and really captures the essence of the intellectual property. The dialogue seems a little cheesy but it doesn’t take away from the awesome beat-downs you can dish out on armies of deranged henchmen. What I hope to see is a continuation of the gargantuan amounts of delicious story and lore that went into the first game. Reading all that sweet stuff about the history of the island, its various ‘patients’ and less prominent villains certainly added depth to the experience.


The GDC will run from the 28th of Feb to the 2nd of March in San Francisco. Aussies can see most of the action at

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