Pre-order Apple iPhone 4 S

iPhone 4 S

You can now pre-order Apple’s latest phone, the iPhone 4 S unlocked from Apple’s online store which was announced during a press conference on the 5th.

The phone comes in black and white at three different price points:

  • 16GB $799
  • 32GB $899
  • 64GB $999

As of writing this none of the carriers have released information about purchasing the iPhone 4 S on a contract, stay tuned to techAU.

Optus tweeted out this morning that their pre-orders were ready to go, however the link provided is broken.

Update 2
Optus have released new plans for the iPhone 4S and surprisingly aren’t better than current plans.. TechGeek has a great run down of the details.

Learn more about the iPhone 4 S:

Apple iPhone announcement: the important bits.

Apple just screwed Telstra. No LTE. No HD calls.

Apple Store

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