Programming is awesome and this video explains why


    It’s not often I come across a video online that I completely, 100%, whole-heartedly agree with, but this one I do. This video by taps some of the most powerful minds in the world including Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg and a number of other amazing people who have build careers around programming.

    These people understand and really believe that programming is not only changing the world, but something anyone can learn. It’s a skill that will arm you with the jobs of the future. While we may be headed for a world of robots, someone needs to program them and that could be you.

    I can’t say this clearly enough, watch the damn video and be inspired –

    While there are many great quotes throughout the video, one of my favourites is “Great coders, are today’s rockstars” – Will.I.Am. One of the most interesting is Mark Zuckerberg saying there simply isn’t enough people in the world with the right skills. Companies are rushing to build the most interesting, exciting offices to attract the best talent. Famously Marissa Mayer at Yahoo recently made food and drinks free for employees in an effort to attract the best talent.

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