Project CARS 2 on Ultra setting, looks amazing on a GTX1080

    The sequel to the super successful Project Cars racing game, Project Cars 2, is still in development, but the guys at Slightly Mad Studios continue to release teaser videos to wet your apatite. Due later this year, the game has a long list of new features, but perhaps the biggest question is, will it run on your PC ?

    The answer is heavily dependent on the GPU you have in your gaming rig, but as the gaming community transitions to 4K, the demands increase in-line with the game’s capabilities. Nvidia’s GTX 1080 doesn’t come cheap, but if you’ve already got one, or can upgrade, then you’ll be set for delicious 4K resolution at 60fps.

    When it comes to consoles, Microsoft have committed to delivering 4K gaming on next Xbox One, Project Scorpio. Given the cost of the GTX 1080 is more than the average price of a new console, this won’t be an easy feat. The variables will certainly be quality settings, so while the video output may indeed by 4K, but the best experience will continue to be on PCs.

    Check out the video below to see the cars look better than ever before with high-res models, improved lighting and physics.

    The game features include:

    • Over 170 licensed cars from the most iconic brands
    • The largest track roster of any console racing game including ice and dirt tracks
    • New vehicle types and motorsport classes including Rallycross, IndyCar, and Oval
    • Dynamic time of day, weather, and new seasonal conditions​
    • New Online Championships mode
    • LiveTrack 3.0 powers dynamic surface conditions that affect vehicle performance and handling, and evolves the track over the course of a race weekend​
    • Esports built-in from day one with full ranking, and broadcasting/streaming functionality
    • Bleeding-edge tire physics, advanced AI, and intuitive gamepad control
    • VR, 12K, 21:9, and triple-screen support built-in
    Jason Cartwright
    Jason Cartwright
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