Project Cars is free with Xbox Live Gold in February

    Lets be honest, most months the free titles available with your Xbox Live Gold subscription are not exactly A list games. Most titles are a least a few years old and many of them are fringe titles that don’t appeal to many. Every now and then comes a free game that’s genuinely worth getting excited about.

    This month Microsoft is giving away Project Cars, one of the best racing games on Xbox One. The game launched around 18 months ago, but the developer Slightly Mad Studios has since released lots of free and paid DLC to keep things interesting.

    There’s few racing titles that come close to the diversity of categories on offer here, everything from gokarts up to formula 1 cars. Sure, you’re unlikely to find the officially licensed, digital version of the car in your garage. That said there are a few brands on board like Pagani with their Huayra hypercar, McLaren, Audi and Mercedes-Benz with GT3 cars and Ford with a Supercar.

    While the game is plenty of fun with a controller, if you have steering wheels and pedals, this game does still has one of the best implementations and feelings of contentedness to the vehicle. Its far more in the camp of a simulator than an arcade and those racers looking for more of a challenge will appreciate that.

    As an Aussie and on the eve of Australia Day, I can’t pass up this chance to suggest you check out Mount Panorama (aka Bathurst). While the cars sometimes have substituted names, the tracks are 100% geniune and some of most accurate recreations.

    Given its age, the graphics are cutting edge and something like Forza Horizon 3 certainly smash it in that respect, but if you’re looking to feel like you’re behind the wheel, hear real life engine sounds, this game is absolutely worth the GBs.

    As with all digital purchases on Xbox One, once you own it, you can delete it and reinstall anytime in the future, so take the chance while you can.

    Project Cars Digital Edition will be free to download for Xbox Live Gold Members from February 16th to March 15th February.

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    Jason Cartwright
    Jason Cartwright
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