Project Glass invites are going out on Twitter and Google+

    Google Glass

    Google Glass is one of the hottest tech products ever. In incredibly limited supply, Google recently ran a competition for the chance to buy a pair. You may remember it as the #IfIHadGlass hashtag. Well today Google started sending out confirmations to those successful entrants.

    Some of the entries were amazing compelling and without a shadow of a doubt, absolutely deserve to get not only the chance to buy, but Google should just give them a pair. The video created with Glass will incredibly interesting at times, but amazing boring at other times, it’s up to users to owners the good stuff.

    Despite the alpha build quality of the software and the US$1,500 price tag, there’s some very jealous people today watching the #glassexplorers tag. A couple of noteworthy inclusions in the list are Tim O’Reilly and Cliff Bleszinski.

    There are some very interesting winners amongst the entrants, Business Insider have a great summary.


    Google Glass

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