Project Gotham Racing 4 demo available now

The latest version of the PGR series is now available for download on xbox live marketplace. The full game is available now.

My take: Although there are noticeable improvements in the graphics, particularly the environments, the difference between PGR3 and 4, graphically, isn’t much. I certainly wasn’t blown away, in fact I was disappointed that more wasn’t done, maybe this is a symptom of our expectations for wholesale improvements for every new version of a game.

Ok yes of course they’ve added motorbikes, but for who I ask? Most people interested in racing bikes would look for a game like Motor GP. In a racing environment that features cars and bikes, it’s far 2 easy to nock the rider off the bike. Not to say it’s not reflecting reality, but in a car vs bike collision, the car will always win.

There’s no damage in the PGR4 demo, perhaps this is similar to the Forza 2 demo where the damage engine didn’t ship with the demo, despite the 1.3Gb download.

Overall, I don’t think I’ll be rushing to get this game on release day.. if at all.



Official game site – PGR4

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