Project Scorpio tech specs revealled, fastest console ever, will deliver 4K gaming

    The details of the next Xbox, Project Scorpio, are now known. While the Xbox One S can play 4K video, only the Scorpio will have enough hardware to play 4K games and become the first console to compete with PCs.

    Inside Project Scorpio, due out later this year, is a Custom x86 Jaguar Evolved processor running at 2.3GHz with 12GB DDR5 RAM, critical for rendering those high resolution textures in DirectX 12. Something you may not have considered is the ability for Scorpio to render a 4K dashboard, not possible on the Xbox One S.

    When it comes to the GPU, Digital Foundry confirm the Scorpio final spec will include a massive 6Teraflops of performance through 40 compute units, compared to 12 on the Xbox One and 36 on the PS4 Pro. The core clock speed is 1172MHz.

    The great news is, 4K games, can run at 60 frames per second, while only using 66% of the GPU. For a console, that’s quite an achievement.

    When it comes to audio, Scorpio will support Dolby Atmos, the first console to do so, providing vertical elevation to an already flushed out surround sound experience.

    Microsoft’s next console also has to respond to PlayStation’s VR. Xbox One runs Windows 10 and the broader strategy for ARVR on the platform is to deliver ‘Windows Mixed Reality’ devices from a variety of hardware makers.

    More information at EuroGamer’s Digital Foundry, who received an exclusive from Microsoft on this one.


    Jason Cartwright
    Jason Cartwright
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