PS3 Firmware 3.4 now available, +1 video editor

PS3 owners its time to update your firmware once again. The latest version is now 3.4 which brings support for PlayStation Plus.

The initial offering for PlayStation Plus subscribers (A$69.95 per year) includes the full game of WipEout HD, Destruction Derby which is a PS One title, as well as a bunch of discounted add-on content.

The LocoRoco Costume Kit for Little Big Planet is discounted for PSPlus subscribers down to A$2.48 from the standard $4.95 for example. There’s also other add-on content like the Steel & Titanium Pack for Killzone 2 that normally costs $9.95, but is free to PSPlus customers. These examples show there will be benefits for subscribers, but unfortunately its very hit and miss, especially if your game collection is exactly filling up your shelves.

New Features

Video Editor and Uploader

A new feature in Firmware 3,4 is a Video editor and Uploader. This application requires you to download before use. Once setup you can edit videos and share them with friends on Video Sharing sites.

The videos can be copied to the PS3 via the Networked video sources, in my case a home server, as well as a USB drive. Once your video is on the PS3 you can easily add it to the editor. Videos titles can be added but this is incredibly clumsy to use with no ability to skip through the video to insert the titles, rather relying on you playing real-time through the video. This is ridiculous even for version 1 of this feature. Once that painful process is complete, you can add music to your video as well as top and tail it with A-B cuts, also really badly implemented. Once your done tearing your hair out, select from Saving or Uploading your video. The video sharing sites available are YouTube or Facebook. Log into the service, hit upload and wait.. and wait.

Photo Gallery 2.0

The 110MB update to Photos now means you can upload photos to Facebook and Picasa from your PS3. Personally I think most people will import their photos to a computer and upload that way. I did try connecting my Canon 500D to the PS3 and importing photos from there, but the PlayStation was having none of that.

After launching PS3 Home, there is a new update available. When trying to update, it crashed my PS3 and it rebooted, tried again and the same thing happened. I’d be really interested to know if this is happening to anyone else, if so, please leave a comment.

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