PS3 still playing 360 catch-up with firmware 2.5


    When the news spread yesterday that Playstation had released a new, updated firmware, hopes rose that new features would arrive.

    Included in the update:

    The PSN signup page has been redesigned.

    ps3_firmware250_userslogo[1] USERS
    Xbox 360 owners would be familiar with ‘background downloading’ this lets you put the console in a low power mode while completing the download, the console is then shut down.

    Well PS3 owners now get the same functionality, was well as the ability to shut down the controller and/or console after a specified number of hours.

    A bunch of name changes in the Settings menu.

    The ability to adjust the volume (9 levels) and pause music playback from within the XMB has been added.

    Same deal as music, audio levels can now be adjusted.
    Scene Search added – this lets you skip through your videos, similar to the chaptering found on DVD’s.

    Some changes to the Trophy system, sadly support for Trophies is still low.

    PS3 Browser now supports Adobe Flash 9. The enables popular sites like Hulu (not in Australia) and Twit Live to be watched on your PS3. Flash Player 10 was released today.

    The update is 140Mb and is available from the Settings > System Update.

    More @ Playstation

    Jason Cartwright
    Jason Cartwright
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