PS3 to sell 16 Million by end of March 2008.. WTF ?

    Sony have now released new firmware for the PS3. In their announcement I could hardly believe my eyes when I read the following..

    “With sales of PS3 on track to have reached a cumulative global total of over 16 million by the end of March 2008… “

    Check out the current sales figures for the consoles below.

    Xbox 360: 12,731,684
    Wii: 13,177,545
    : 5,453,729


    As you can see, PS3 are still yet to reach 6 million, I know they’ll pull some good Christmas sales and price cuts have encouraged good growth. But to think they’ll get anywhere near 16 million by March 08 seems nothing short of laughable.

    This speculation from Sony I believe is more of a story than the Firmware update I began writing about.


    PS3 Firmware 2.10 includes some good new features like the introduction of Blu-ray Profile 1.1 (known as Bonus View), support for DivX and WMV (VC-1) video codecs. As well as a voice changer, enabling users to alter the tone and pitch of their voice online.

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    Jason Cartwright
    Jason Cartwright
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