PS3 VidZone hits one million downloads, 100 million plays

    After launching only 2 months ago, VidZone on the PS3 is racking up some big numbers, indicating its been very well received by PS3 owners. VidZone video clips have been streamed (or played) over 100 million times. With impressive numbers like these, expect advertisers to flock to VidZone. Just don’t be tempted to increase the size of the advertisements Sony.

    VidZone is great for parties, having your very own legal video jukebox connected to your TV is a great feature of the PS3. That said it certainly needs to be upgraded to HD for viewing on our large HDTVs. There is an impressive list of titles, which PlayStation says numbers around 12,000.

    Might as well add an iPhone app to control the playlist to the feature requests while we’re going, although that seems unlikely.

    Included in the press release were details of PS3 sales numbers in Australia. They’ve sold 530,000 PS3’s in Australia and around 55% of those are connected to the PlayStation Network.

    VidZone 100 million playsVidZone 100 million plays

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